Department of Management Studies

Prof. Ritu Joshi, Hod, DMS

Hard work is the key to success but it also demands a big amount of dedication and effort. In these testing times, industry not only demands for intelligent individuals having practical knowledge, but also individuals with integrity and accountability. We at TRUBA-SIRT are well aware of high quality education for future progress in the knowledge driven world. We have been trying our best to give our students value based management education. We are amongst the best management institutes in Indore due to teaching methodology which strives for holistic development of our students.

Faculty Details

Faculty Name Designation Qualification Experiance
Prof. Pramod Bansod Assistant Professor P.hD.*M.P.A.  
Prof. Ashish Barthwal Assistant Professor P.hD., M.B.A.  
Prof. Abhay Kakirde Assistant Professor P.hD.* M.B.A.  
Prof. Prateek Jain Assistant Professor P.hD.* M.B.A.  
Prof. Sushant Jain Assistant Professor M.B.A, B.Sc.  
Prof. Prashant Kushwah Assistant Professor P.hD.*, M.B.A.  
Prof. Amrita Baid More Assistant Professor P.hD.*, M.B.A.  
Prof. Mahimaram Yadav Assistant Professor M.B.A, B.Com  
Prof. Pankaj Sharma Assistant Professor M.B.A, B.E.